2nd National Bourges 20,280 birds on 26th May 2018

By Jayne Mitchell on 2018-06-08

On top form in 2018 … winning 2nd National Bourges 20,280 birds on 26th May 2018
* 8 prizes in the top 100 National *
** 1st National Zone 6,271 birds **

After a good start to the season, preparing his team for the first National race of the year, it looks as though Kurt’s system is a winning formula.

He says “I race cocks and hens, the full season, from the first to the last race, giving them the best chance in terms of training, feed and ensuring good health. The team had been sent to Chateauroux the week before (293 miles), where we scored 7 in the top 10 old birds (887 birds), and 6 in the top 10 yearlings (356 birds), so we knew the team were ready.”

“Careful monitoring this week has produced a great result. We use the same system for each race – feeding as much as they want, and taking away after 5 minutes – Vanrobaeys Platteeuw Special No. 523 – it’s a mix which was created originally by my friends Martyn & Jayne Mitchell, and which has been developed to produce what I consider an optimum racing mix for the whole season.”

“On Monday we gave all the birds the Platteeuw Yellow Crystals to clear the mucus from the head – it’s a time-consuming task, but well worth it – without a clear head, the pigeons cannot orientate. We always follow this with the Platteeuw Yellow Drops, and then a Platteeuw Eye Drop on the day of basketing. With the National season now started, we are excited to see what our team of heroes can produce …”.

We wish Kurt every success for the rest of the season – here’s the full results from Saturday (listing only top 100 prizes):-

Provincial Bourges Old 4,226 birds
National Bourges Old 20,280 birds